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Australia’s Sporting History

Australia’s sporting history is marked by great successes, great stories and truly great moments. Sport speaks a universal language in this country – we are a nation of players and enthusiasts.

Our Sporting History

Australia’s sporting history is filled with stories that inspire and have brought about positive change, the constant fight to make fair play the main objective, locally and internationally is a way of life for Australian’s sporting greats. Our Sports Men and Women aim to become elite athletes on and off the field, and we hope to celebrate these achievements here, whether they have achieved their success through the help of a Sports Scholarship or they have done the hard work themselves, we aim to honor them.

Where did it all start?

In 1868 the First Australian Sporting Team competed overseas and was an all-Indigenous cricket squad. The squad consists of 13 Aborigines from the Western District of Victoria, an English coach, and went on to play a combined total of 47 matches in a trying 115 days in England.
From here on out, Australia has produced hundreds of sporting greats, sportsmen and women who have placed their stamp on Australia’s Sporting History.

Sport in Australia

Australian’s Sporting Calendar dates back as far as the middle of the 1800’s and by late 1920s, there were a large variety of sports being participated in by, not only men but also Australian women, these included tennis, swimming, cricket, netball, golf, badminton, hockey, judo, lacrosse and a number of football codes.

Today there are thousands of Aussies who participate in all varieties of sport and most of these participate through clubs and associations, the list is not limited to;

  • Football (Australian soccer),
  • Athletics,
  • Baseball,
  • Cricket,
  • Golf,
  • Horse racing,
  • Motor racing,
  • Netball,
  • Rugby league, Rugby union & Australian Rules
  • Swimming,
  • Tennis,

The Australian climate does lend itself to particular sports, for example swimming and snowboarding.

It is reported that the attendance levels for some of these top leagues over the duration of a single season will top one million spectators, this is often in the NRL and AFL. As with most sports the Australian media plays a crucial role in the Australia’s sporting culture with a large number of sporting events televised and covered by local and national radio stations. In addition to the televised events, there are also a large number of sports television shows, talk shows, magazines, and extensive print and newspaper coverage.

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